a little bit of jazz - a little bit of loops

shanghai-based chekov is a modular live music project combining electronics with jazz improvisation: sound collages of samples, loops, and beats merge with the live band into a dynamic sonic experience.

due to it’s modular structure, chekov plays in different line-ups ranging from two to six or more musicians, being able to customize and adjust to different settings. apart from trumpet, sax, keys, guitar, bass and drums, chekov also features chinese folk instruments such as erhu and ruan, and rap vocals, playing to sets of ambient and groovy electronics triggered live on stage – all adding up to a special mixture of sonic flavors.

how chekov sounds:

forthcoming live shows

live visuals

taiwanese vjane eva has been working as interior designer and photo artist, and we are happy to have her aboard as our live visual artist, wherever the technical requirements for live visuals are met

atze ton - shanghai music lab

atze ton composes, produces, records and engineers chekov’s music at his sound creation and music instruction facility, the shanghai music lab.

thank you!

thanks to all the great musicians in shanghai, munich and elsewhere for their continuous creative contributions to chekov – live and in the studio. among them fu hwa, cai bingru, pascal naigom, toby mak, nicholas mcbride, andreas guenther, stan lin, zhang xiongguan, amine el filali, liu xing, lv jing, li shihai, mark fitzgibbon, charles foldesh, lawrence ku, alec haavik, kimchi the kreation, gilles de hovre, elsa michanol, julien bertrand, fox, martin remmler, dirk leistenschneider, jochen klein, holger schultze, gerd mendel, tobi wiedenmann, daniel brates, adam muschielok, sebastian osthold, stefanie tornow, dimension robot, dennis rea, olli klomp, steinar nikelsen, bernd detzel, andre schwager,